Bundy Interviewed by James Dobson about Pornography

If you haven’t seen this video, it was filmed a day before Bundy was put to death. Our boy Teddy blames his burgeoning serial killing spree on viewing porn as a pre-teen. Watch as Bundy subtly admits his guilt & kind of scoffs when Dobson asks him when his porn addiction went from fantasy to physical assault. He appears to be trying to make sure he doesn’t give too much away. He also blames being intoxicated for helping him become depraved enough to rape & kill.

Post your thoughts after viewing the almost 30 minute video.


9 thoughts on “Bundy Interviewed by James Dobson about Pornography

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  1. He was trying to create sympathy so that they would stay his execution! I do not believe pornography had anything to do with it. Even as a child Ted always knew that he was not like other children, there was always a darkness festering inside him. He did speak some truths in this interview, but overall it was just a ruse. He was trying to save his pathetic life. He choose Dawson because he specializes in spreading the world about how harmful pornography is and would be the most sympathetic.


    1. Michelle,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Bundy was doing the interview for sympathy & so the public would think he was being wrongfully put to death. Notice how he responds to Dobson’s question about whether he deserved the death penalty. Also, there is a moment after Dobson asks about Kim Leach’s death & Dobson says, “It’s too hard to talk about.” Bundy kind of lowers his eyes, then just for a brief moment, raises them to look at Dobson, then quickly returns to a downward eye. You can see him come out of his “poor me” persona for that split second as he sees if Dobson is buying it.


  2. Have you ever thought that they should have kept him alive for longer to try and get more answers out of him? I go back and forth on this. I just really feel for the families of the missing who never got any answers to the whereabouts of their daughters and sisters. There are still women out there that should have been found and he took those answers with him.


    1. Alyssa, I’m not even a fan of the death penalty but keeping Bundy alive would have benefitted nobody but Bundy. The only confessions he did make were for murders the cops already knew he committed, and a nameless hitchiker who has never been identified. He kept denying responsibility for murders it is very likely he did commit. Given more time, he would have dribbled out hints and vague promises and ‘oh give me a few more months to think about your missing daughter, I might have killed her’ … until he died of old age. If you bargain with sociopaths you are always going to get the losing end of the deal.


    2. I whole heartedly believe that if he was kept alive he would have escaped once again. I tend to lean against the death penalty, but for the sake of society and to be sure he is forever taken care of, it’s best he was put to death. IMO.


      1. That’s definitely something to consider, though his attorney thought he was too scared to escape after being imprisoned for a decade. She said he seemed to be afraid of what was outside & felt safer in the prison.


  3. Just curious — If he gave the police little more than they already knew how did he live 10 years on death row and get two previous stays of execution? I found this interview very interesting . I purposely watched the interview a few times . At first I viewed it with skepticism but then i started believing sincerity. Maybe not totally but I was far less skeptical . I think that’s the sensitive personin me , wanting to believe him instead of doubting. But then why do these hardened criminals repent at the 11th hour? Plus they always find God lol ,,, what’s with that ?


    1. The American legal process is a lengthy one. Ten years on death row is the standard in some states. Polly Nelson’s book goes into detail about his stays of execution. The justice system isn’t without its flaws.


      1. I haven’t read any books on Bundy as yet. I’ve seen the documentaries or read articles , interviews etc not books per se. John Henry Brownes book “the Devils Defender” looks like an interesting read especially after seeing many interviews with him.


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