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I’m E.J. and I’m a bundyphile. Make no mistake, this blog is intended to discuss the psychology of serial killer, Ted Bundy, and to assess his mental state through his actions during his childhood and subsequent killing spree.  This web site is not intended to glorify or celebrate the life of a deviant, but to try to understand the man who killed over 30 women and was executed for his crimes in 1989. I am the only author posting to this blog unless otherwise noted.


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    1. I don’t know where you live but I live in the southern part of the US and got a copy of the book thru an inter library loan for free. It is interesting but not great.


  1. Apparently he died a couple months before I was born… thank god. I used to be 100% against the death penalty, but now I dunno… Ted Bundy deserved to die. I don’t want to dehumanize him… he was human… and I think he achieved his goal of possessing people if they are starting up blogs titled “Bundyphile.” He’s a mysterious figure and fascinating. Psychopaths are fascinating because they don’t want to be understood – they just want power, through violence and deception. By refusing to tell all, Ted leaves himself a mystery for everyone to wonder about. Yet, somehow I think we already understand his type. If his grandfather was really his father, which would make a lot of sense, then it’s obvious that psychopathy is in no small part genetically inherited. Yes, it’s also likely that environment played some role, but the sound of it is that he was born without the genetic makeup that allows the rest of us to relate to other human beings. Personally, I see genetics in my own family… my mom was extremely paranoid, my bro recently diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and now my doctors are telling me I’m inventing my own health problems… it’s scary. I hate feeling like I have no control over my destiny, over my mind. Schizophrenia is really scary because you lose the ability of self-awareness! I hope that is not happening to me. Self-awareness is one of my greatest possessions. But I’m definitely a socially very anxious person. Like my mom. Like my bro. The more I try to change this about myself, the more I feel like I can’t because it’s hardwired.

    Ted Bundy drew up a lot of stories to make himself sound innocent, “good.” He blamed everyone and never took responsibility. He just wasn’t capable of empathy on any more than a very superficial level. The thing about the knives when he was 3, and his grandfather’s torture of animals… that stuff has a stronger genetic correlation than environmental, I believe. While some parents and their children are more different than that, my observations are that we tend to be a lot more like our parents than we might think. I don’t think he was “evil,” but he did apparently have a genetically inherited near or complete inability to relate to others. That shows in the way he describes his youthful social experiences. Those descriptions are different from how a person who was abused from very early on with a normal genetic make would turn out… they might feel cold and not believe in love, but they’d have a much stronger likelihood of learning to love and feel empathy later on in life. It’s really hard to change what we’re genetically predisposed toward. Now, it’s not his fault he was born that way, and the rest of us can only wish such people didn’t exist… and that’s the part where he sort of CAN’T take responsibility. You aren’t responsible for your genetic inability to care about anyone but yourself. That’s the harder point to communicate in our society. If that’s just how you’re born, one could say, then that means you’re just simply evil. But if it was your environment, then that’s considered external blame. Yet what is really internal or external?

    I’m not a Bundyphile, but it’s frightening how much I feel I can relate to the description of Bundy’s desire for power. That’s human. That’s really human. But the way he took that power is horrendously pathological.

    That being said… you know… humans are not the only species known to commit rape or murder. Male chimpanzees frequently rape females by scaring them into submission and then getting their way. It’s pathological, but it happens in other species… especially species like chimps who are prone to aggression and anger. Chimpanzees also fight wars with other tribes. That’s genetic. Bonobos (another kind of chimp) are female-dominated and resolve conflicts through sex rather than through anger and aggression. Rape and war are not documented in this species. They find better ways to achieve a sense of control.

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    1. Bundy absolutely was evil. I don’t know if he was born to kill, but he made choices. Mental illness is one thing but many who are psychologically damaged do not go on to commit rape, necrophilia and mutilation murder, along with kidnapping and torture.


    2. Whether he was born that way or it was his environment, he’s not responsible for either one. What he was responsible for was murdering the women.
      That being said, if our “wiring” included the same urges as his – would you be able to resist them? I know I’ve pretty much given in to every substantial urge and curiosity that was within my power to satisfy my whole life. Every decision we make, every day, is for our pleasure. Not to the degree the word “pleasure” may mean for some, but, what I mean is that every meal, every task, is meant to make you feel good one way or the other. The only time we engage in tasks or decisions we do not enjoy is when they are necessary. You can say that you don’t like working out, but do it anyway, but it makes you feel better in the long run to be doing something that makes you healthy, so, in the end, your feeling of “like” outweighs “dislike”.
      So, what if your brain was wired to like killing people? How would you do controlling it?
      I’ve also read quite a few interesting studies that seem to be corroberated by some serial killer’s own statements. OCD, and other anxiety disorders are believed to be the body’s response to stress. i know that personally, my own OCD kicks into high gear when I am under a lot of stress and I know it’s going to take 20 more minutes to get out the door in the morning with all the damn counting, power button, and door lock rechecks!
      On a more severe level, people that cut say that’s their form of stress relief – they cut when the level gets too high and they feel it released when they slice their skin open and I have seen some severe cuts people have dome to themselves.
      Bundy has said on more than one occasion that he would get stressed, or anxious, and he knew it was time for another. I’ve also read quite a few other serial killers say that they felt a sense of relief and were calm again for a period of time before having to do it again.
      Liz’s description of Bundy “acting a little off” and pacing around the house before finding an excuse to leave, and his own brother saying that Ted looked anxious, and worried when he dropped him off at the airport early on one weekend trip support the theory that he hit a level of anxiety and stress, and it was time to relieve it again. It makes me believe that this simply the way their brain is wired to deal with stress and anxiety. There are other factors that lead to this being the method, but, again – if your brain was wired this way, how good would you be at resisting the urge? You’re going to need relief from it someday, and if that is the only way to get it….?
      So, our daily choices all revolving around our pleasure and our comfort, and murdering someone gives us the ultimate feeling of pleasure and comfort with the release of an enormous amount of stress and anxiety – pretty sure we would all do it.


      1. You ask some great questions, thank you. If we could learn ways to help people whose brains were wired this way, maybe we could find healthier releases for anxiety. I look at pictures of Ted & see a “regular guy,” but if I were to see the inner workings of his brain, I would probably recoil in fear and disgust.


  2. When i was a kid i ‘d remember seeing his trial progress in the news. When i was 18 i bought The Only Living Witness. I’m right into true crime, and out of all the serial killers, i hate him most. I also research him the most. I’ve seen just about every YouTube clip on him. I remember the day of his execution Howard Stern asked everybody to turn off all their home appliances so that energy could be used to kill Ted. I was fine with that. I’d have killed him myself, given the chance. And yet I still want to see the MSNBC special Death Row tapes. That’ll do for now.


  3. here is a link to someone’s facebook photos of the entire book, “The Phantom Prince; My Life with Ted Bundy”:


    please note, one chapter appears to be missing (chapter 8) but, in fact, is not missing; it can be found in the photo album gallery of same facebook page under the title “Untitled Album”. also, there is another interesting read by Ted, himself, “For those who are interested, in these pages Ted talks about what he has learned after converting to Hinduism & studying the scriptures, etc.”, and it’s titled, “TED’S SPIRITUAL REBIRTH”.


    1. Bundy: Serial raper and killer Theodore “Ted” Robert Bundy.
      -phile: Denoting a person or thing having a fondness for a specified thing. From Greek philos ‘loving’. (Oxford Dictionary)
      Bundyphile: Person or thing having a fondness for Ted Bundy.

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  4. Hi EJ
    I love your site . Well- done!! You have such a wealth of information . Ted Bundy is an enigma in the world of serial killers. He broke the “mold” ( for lack of a better word) when it comes to his deeds. I’ve always found him to be the most complex and fascinating . I’ve gone back & forth with regard to the death penalty. I was 18 when he was out to death and I remember it well , not to mention the news stories throughout the 80’s about him. I was perplexed and mystified then and now at this nice looking man who was articulate , well- read , charming friendly , smiling . I realize it was arrogance and a ruse but still I found his demeanor very interesting when I was young and even now. I wouldn’t have been threatened by a man like him , arm in a sling or on crutches , asking me for help . Wouldn’t have hesitated. Would love to chat more . Thank you .


    1. Hey, thanks for the feedback! I think the Internet needed a catch-all site for Bundy info. I hope you’ve also enjoyed the sketches & photos of him I posted. He really did turn serial killing on its head because he was charming & handsome. Plus, he loved the media and the media loved him. Would love to talk more. The man is deeply fascinating.


  5. Just a ps – when I say broke the mold I mean he went out of his comfort zone ( many states ) , killing / assaulting multiple victims in a day or very short amount of time , insure there are other things but he just seemed different from others in some ways .

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  6. I had a date with Theodore Robert Bundy in November 1971. He was visiting Emory University in Atlanta. He drove his infamous VW. We went to a movie at the Fox Theater, “ Murders in the Rue Morgue”. When I look back on meeting him, I feel lucky that I declined a second date.


    1. As you can imagine, I approach any claim of meeting or interacting with Ted with a healthy amount of skepticism. I’m unaware of Bundy being in the Atlanta area during 1971. Can you provide any means of proof to give your assertion some weight?


  7. Hi, my name is Morgan. I am doing a school report on Ted Bundy, and one of the sections is about the mindset and psychology of a person capable of doing something like this. I’d love if I could get some insight from you maybe via email, or even be able to ask you a few questions? Thank you!


      1. I just found your blog today, and have been reading through it quite a bit. It’s quite enjoyable, and thanks for posting it.
        I’m a serial killer buff as well, along with any true crime/murder cases. The Wonderland Murders are probably my close second to Ted, as far as fascination, along with the Missy Bevers case (The fitness instructor killed in the Texas church by the man dressed as a cop in the church video) but I do have a personal connection with that one – as a kid, Missy and I were friends. We went to the same middle school and her best friend was one of my first gf’s, and Missy was the third wheel. She was a fantastic human being, although I only had limited contact as adults, after I moved away from Jacksboro, Texas, where we went to school. There’s also not much on that case, so, the time spent on it has been limited. At the same time I obviously am saddened for Missy and her family, the fact that someone was so intent on completing the act that they were able to stump the FBI, ATF, Midlothian police, NYPD, and a few other agencies, leaving behind little or no evidence whatsoever, makes that a fascinating case, also. In the days following it, I thought it would only be a short period of time before they caught the person.
        Anyway, I’ll keep babbling if I don’t stop now, so thanks again for posting this site and looking forward to taking it all in!


  8. Hi everyone! I don’t know if this blog is still alive, but i hope so. I’d like to find out something about Bundy. The fact is that i study deviant behavior (specifically aggressive behavior) for the past 4 years, since the beginning of my studies at the university and at the moment i am in vain attempts to understand the reasons why Bundy became who we know him to be. i actually have a lot of theories and thoughts about this, but i still can’t give an unambiguous answer to the question: “why?” Ted is unique in this. Get to the point. Maybe someone here has a link to the book “The Only Living Witness: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy”? I can’t find its full version in the public domain. Maybe it is only available in printed form. Or perhaps it’s because i’m from Russia. I would also appreciate it if someone could help me find an interview with Special Agent Bill Hagmaier.


    1. Hi Deviant, how are you! Sorry it took so long to reply, but I have been very busy getting my new book about Ted Bundy published! In fact, if you’re interested, you can find the new book at this link: https://a.co/d/8VMNqMe.

      I offer a lot of information about Bundy on this website, but in a nutshell, Ted Bundy was psychologically damaged. He saw his violent grandfather abuse his wife and daughters (Ted’s mom included) and showed early frightening behavior involving knives. (If you don’t know the story, let me know. I’m happy to share it.) When his mother moved him from one side of the United States to the other at age 4, stripping him of his connection to his grandfather and other family, I think something shifted. He became distant from his mother, whom he resented greatly, and he began fusing the concepts of sex and violence.

      Lastly, here is the Amazon link to “The Only Living Witness.” https://www.amazon.com/Only-Living-Witness-serial-killer/dp/1928704298


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