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I am a North Carolina-based writer, long fascinated with serial crime and the psychology behind it. I have published this blog since 2009 because Ted Bundy strikes me as a unique individual among other serial lust killers. He was the first serial killer I read about and his story has managed to keep me hooked for over 2 decades. Bundy wasn’t like the killers who came before him: He was clean-cut, intelligent, and had a good sense of humor (at least on the surface). Ted gave the world its first glimpse of a criminal with a great smile and a seemingly successful future, though everything on the surface was without depth. He was a chameleon with a vacuous personality who was never satisfied in his relationships with women. He needed to control women, to ensure that they were always submissive to his wants and needs and found a way to reach his climax only when killing his victims.

I have written a great deal about Bundy in the pages of this website, hoping to set the record straight when incorrect information is repeated. I want nothing more than for my readers to feed their hunger for Ted Bundy knowledge here and I would enjoy nothing more than to hear from you with any questions or thoughts about Ted, his victims, his family, or law enforcement around him. Any and all genuine questions and commentary is welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

To send feedback or ask a question, you can email me directly at rosedysfunction@mail.com and find me on Twitter @rosedysfunction.

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