Bundy’s Last Words

Shortly after Ted Bundy, the notorious killer of dozens of women, was strapped into the electric chair, he was asked if he had any last words.  Bundy addressed his lawyer and his minister and said, “Jim and Fred, I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.” After declaring his final words, Bundy was electrocuted in Starke, Florida’s Old Sparky electric chair. 


Considering Bundy could have said anything at the end of his life, even in anticipation of being saved at the last minute by confessing to other crimes, I find it interesting that he expressed only his love to those he knew.  To me, it suggests someone who has given up hope of being saved.  It seems by the time his 3rd death warrant was issued in 1989, Bundy had run out of steam to fight for his life.  He had become complacent and accepted his inevitable death. 

It also speaks to Bundy’s constant need to be seen as normal in some way. The mask he showed those around him was only ever removed when he killed his victims.  Bundy’s desire to have outsiders view him as just another guy was so strong that even his last words appeared to be something a normal guy would say. Those words were calculating and manipulative, even as he was preparing to die. Bundy never consciously let the mask slip, and this was just another example of his depravity and desire to control. 


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