Bundy Does Dishes

I have seen this photo around over the years and it has always fascinated me.  Of course, Bundy was drawn to petite beauties and this young woman was no exception.  This photo was taken circa 1975 after a birthday party.  I don’t know if the party was for Bundy (which would mean it was November), or someone else. Bundy at party, 1975 

I’ve often wondered just who was the woman in the photo.  She doesn’t appear to have been a victim (at least I’ve never seen a reference to her as such) but no information is out there about this picture.  It would be interesting to find out more about her, but she probably hasn’t been identified to allow her privacy. 

Ted certainly has a saucy smirk on his face, as if he’s thinking of what she would look like passed out on the floor of his VW bug.  In fact, one of the detectives or profilers who interviewed Bundy said that he thought about murder 24 hours a day.  It was all-consuming and he seldom thought of anything else. 

If anyone knows any details about this photo, I would love to know more about it.  Simply reply to this post and I’ll update it.  Until then, we only have what we can see and what we see is simply disturbing.

I’ve verified the woman’s name is Carol Bartholomew.


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  1. I have not seen this picture before, but as you mentioned it is fascinating and disturbing, just like Bundy himself. I wonder what thoughts ran through this woman’s mind after he was discovered as a serial killer…and if she is still haunted by memories of him today. I hope someone knows more about the story behind this picture.


  2. One can only imagine what she thought when she found out he was found guilty for his crimes. I know that Ann Rule claimed to have been shocked when she saw the bite mark at his Florida trial.


  3. I think people read too much into what is going on here and why he has that expression on his face. They are doing dishes and decided to strike a pose for whoever decided it would be funny to take this photo. Notice the blonde has purposefully turned toward the camera holding the dish and rag like she’s modeling with it. Innocent and harmless fun at a gathering with friends. Nothing more.


      1. We know her..She was in his University of Utah area and her husband was at law school with him..One day he had scratches on his neck..He said it was from a tree branch..They had converted him to the Mormon church..They believed the law had the wrong guy so she & friends baked banana bread and wrote an encouraging note and delivered it to him in prison!


    1. I agree! Even Ted Bundy probably had some moments when he was just living his life and maybe didn’t think about murdering or raping someone in that particular moment. But we will never know for sure.


  4. Hey Em, it’s me Cathh … what happened to the dialogue between you and the young lady that knew a friend of Ms. Bartholomew? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I want to speak with her 🙂

    Cheers. Love your blog.

    Come find me on Instagram (Trocar)


  5. YES. Ideas?
    Sorry thought it was a woman. Apparently, the individual had an aunt, I believe, who was a friend of Carol’s?
    I’ll forever be intrigued by all this.


    1. I’m new to (and kinda sucky) with WP – can I post a pic as a response?

      Anyway to chat offline?
      Not being weird – I just find the WP user interface somewhat less than friendly 🙂


  6. Carol Bartholomew is not only identified but talks about Bundy and this party to Kevin Sullivan in his new book “the Trail of Ted Bundy.” Really creepy details emerge for the first time. In this photo Bundy is actually pointing the spray gun at Carol – as if it were a gun…


  7. I also wish we knew more, and perhaps directly from Carol. The funny thing is I wonder if one reason Ted Bundy wouldn’t have killed her is because of the fact that the picture was taken (and perhaps she never let herself be caught alone with him- not on purpose even but yeah). Would be easier to link him to a murderer if he had been in a picture with the victim. Pretty sure he thought about that stuff, and now makes me want to take pictures with everyone I am around. LOL


    1. I think Carol B. was just a casual Salt Lake friend, probably not someone he dated or with whom he spent much time. That said, it would be really interesting to hear from her. I wonder about her perception of the Ted she knew versus the real Ted.


  8. That lady in the picture is my sister! She sent me a copy of the picture after my mother asked me if I watched the movie on TV with Mark Hammond. I had to work the night it aired on TV. Carol’s boyfriend at the time (Wynn Barthomew)was a classmate of Ted in the school of law at the University of Utah and he joined the Mormon Church to hide who he really was. Carol thought he was innocent when he tried to abduct a girl at a shopping mall and was going to go visit him in prison to support his innocence. She was told not to go. Carol is very active in the church and doesn’t like to talk about her association with Ted Bundy.


    1. Wow, what a great story! Thanks for sharing it. I don’t blame her for not wanting to discuss knowing Bundy. He fooled so many well-meaning, kind people & they probably felt duped. I hope Carol doesn’t blame herself for not knowing he was a dangerous person. He fooled so many people, even the judge in his Miami trial. His wife, Carole Boone, was reportedly devastated when she heard he was confessing to his crimes because she was convinced of his innocence.


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