Dark History & HorrorCon 2022

As the time comes for me to present at the 2022 Dark History and HorrorCon convention in Champaign, Illinois, I am reminded of the success of last year’s session. My discussion was about the truth behind the myths that have been furthered about Ted Bundy. Though I hadn’t planned on having the session filmed, I was lucky that local videographer, Tim Taylor, stepped in to film and edit it. Thanks to Tim, I’ve received a great deal of feedback on the lecture.

Yours truly with Richard Ramirez (Jeff Ignatowski) at the Dark History event in 2021!

For this year’s session, I wanted something be different. I reached out to the incomparable and equally-informed Bundyphile, Abigail Hansmeyer, who agreed to partner with me and present “Murder Maps: The Travels and Travesty of Ted Bundy.” Abigail’s Washington state photographs were included in my upcoming book, “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast.” Both of us have visited places where Bundy killed and will be bringing our knowledge and personal experience to our audience to show how versatile and mobile a serial killer like Ted was, especially before the field of forensics became truly sophisticated. Our session will take place on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at 4:15 PM Central Time.

There are still tickets for the convention available and they can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2022-dark-history-and-horror-con-tickets-331196847687

Click here to watch last year’s session titled: “The Real Ted Bundy: The Truth Behind the ‘Golden Boy’ of Serial Killing”: https://youtu.be/7EosLMHgZk0


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