CrimeCon 2022

The Paris Hotel

As I await my flight for the first leg of my trip to Las Vegas, I’m soothed by the sounds of John Lennon singing “Instant Karma” and the idea of an exciting vacation in Sin City. I’m not a gambler, but this trip isn’t about high-rolling stakes for me. Every CrimeCon event I attend promises a great deal of networking and meeting new colleagues with a possible eye towards future ventures together, which lends to a great deal of excitement for me. With presenters this year like: investigative reporter Chris Hansen, former detective Paul Holes, forensic blood spatter analyst Dr. Henry Lee, FBI profiler Candice DeLong, victims’ advocate and sister of a murder victim Kim Goldman, author Paula Woodward, and son of an infamous mafioso Meyer Lansky II, this event promises to be even more high-profile than in previous years.

Of course, at CrimeCon, there’s never enough time to get to everything you want to do or see, but it’s encouraging knowing that there are a lot of choices this year. Something I always cherish when in attendance is visiting Podcast Row, showcasing the hosts of some of my favorite podcasts. This year, I look forward to spending time with the hosts of Murder Shelf, Criminology, Generation Why, True Crime and Consequences, Fruit Loops: Serial Killers of Color, Asian Madness, The Trail Went Cold, Dark Poutine, True Crime All the Time, and many more. I’m also likely to find some books and merchandise located in the vicinity of Podcast Row, so you can bet I’ll be circling that area like a proverbial shark throughout the weekend. I’m always interested in meeting new people and hope I can chat up some of my true crime sisters and brothers who are in attendance! Most of the people I know who are interested in crime and serial killers are online, but I would love to meet some people in person who share my love of the macabre.

On top of the actual event, I will be sampling cuisine at local restaurants, visiting exciting museums and art installations, attending a burlesque show with a friend, and just generally attempting to avoid the sun in this hot, steamy town. That said, I can’t wait to see the nightlife in Vegas, where I can dance the night away before waking up in the morning and attending some further sessions hosted by amazing true crime content creators. For those in attendance, when you see me out and about, feel free to stop me and wish me a happy birthday. You’re (part of) the reason I’m in Vegas!

With the mask…
…and without!

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    1. Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer was a despicable individual. I remember when he was arrested back in 1991 and I had no idea of the scope of his crimes. The more I learn about him, the more I’m appalled.


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