Bundy’s VW Bug

For those who have been asking, here are some photos I took of Bundy’s ’68 Bug when it was being shown at the Crime & Punishment museum in Washington, D.C.

Notice anything missing??


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  1. When you took those pics of Bundy’s VW Bug did you notice if the passenger door had a working interior door latch? There was someone who claims she was picked up and released by Bundy in 1972 and stated the door did not have a working latch. She talked about Bundy telling her she was not going to escape and how she cut her hair etc. and let her out and did not attack her. I find that hard to believe but it was early in his career of attacking women and may be possible. Carol DaRonch stated she opened that passenger door from the inside and escaped. I was wondering if you could clear this up?


    1. Hi there, thanks for reaching out! I have heard the story from someone who recently came out with claims about the door missing its handle that Debbie Harry mentioned in her 1972 “abduction story.” I too find it very difficult to believe that Bundy would ever have let a sure thing go when he had her in his clutches. Bundy was careless in many ways, including underestimating DaRonch, but I don’t think he would let someone who could identify him out of his sight. For more information about my assessment of Debbie Harry’s harrowing story, see my article about it here: https://bundyphile.com/2019/08/20/ted-bundy-did-he-abduct-singer-debbie-harry/).


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