Bundy’s Sock Fetish

A lot of people have fetishes ranging from kinky sexual fetishes to random, bizarre fetishes.  I’ll leave you to decide which Bundy’s main fetish (aside from necrophilia) was.  Bundy was obsessed with clean, white socks.  Yes, really.  He notes in the book, “Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer,” that “Socks are such a serious part of my life.  They’re so very important to me.”  Bundy loved the fact that he “possessed” so many clean white socks that he was proud when his possessions were read out in court & his socks were mentioned during the proceedings.  In fact, the movie, “Ted Bundy,” (starring Michael Reilly Burke), has a shot of a sock drawer full of white socks, rolled up & in perfect order.  Bundy often changed his socks 3-4 times a day.  He constantly purchased new socks with stolen credit cards. 

From prison, Bundy also said, “I’ve got a sock fetish.  No question about it.  I must have six or seven pairs right here with me in my cell.”  What’s really interesting about this obsession is that Bundy enjoyed the “possession” of the socks, which is a word he often used when describing his victims.  Bundy needed to possess, he needed something to own.  People were objects to Bundy, just like socks.  Sure, that’s a simplification of something much more complicated, but I don’t think it’s difficult to make the connection.  Clearly this fetish was a substitute for the possession of a woman’s corpse.  Everything about Bundy was based on the idea that what he wanted he deserved to have. 

Dreaming of socks!
Dreaming of socks!

If I had to determine whether Bundy’s fetish was a kinky sexual fetish or a random bizarre fetish, I would have to say both.  Maybe that’s a cop out, but if possession is really what turns you on, I think that’s both bizarre & kinky, don’t you?


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  1. It is very funny,i have exactly the same,a sock drawer full of white socks(for years now),long before i`ve read the passage in TB,conversations with a killer.But i have
    definetly not a sock fetish,nor are there any hidden psychological reasons behind it.
    Just like it to be tidy…..is it possible that Ted seems to have a foot fetish instead
    of a sock fetish?


  2. Hans…I can just see you…the Dutch version of Ted Bundy! I think it’s safe to assume that Bundy had a foot fetish too, but I think he was more into his own feet. I don’t know that he ever mentioned being interested in other ppl’s feet. Liz’s book didn’t mention that either.


  3. If you wanna talk about other serial killers that were indeed interested in other people’s feet, Ramirez and Jerry Brudos come to mind. As far as I am aware, and I, like you, Em, have read and seen about everything about Bundy, and I am certain there has never ever been any mentioning Ted from the Westcoast (as I and my dear friend D. Rader from Wichita Kansas like to call him) being a foot fetishist.

    I do think however you make an interesting observation, comparing such inanimate property with inanimate women’s bodies (which he aimed to make his property as well). I can follow the way your minds works on this, and can appreciate it, but can you also back it up with evidence from Bundy himself? Or is it a conclusion you made yourself?
    Love to hear more.


  4. Maal… Bundy did actually have a foot fetish of sorts. Let me quote something from “Conversations with a Killer:” “I’m very close to my feet. Right now. I’m lying no my back with my foot propped up on the bars. And I’m studying my toes. For a good portion of the night. They’re probably the most attractive feet you’ve ever seen.” So I think the “foot fetish” issue was mainly based on his own feet. Tie that in with the sock fetish & you’ve got someone who loves chilling with his clean feet in clean socks.

    I know that Brudos had a food fetish, but tell me about Ramirez’s fetish. I don’t know as much about his quirks.


  5. Em, I’m still not sure of loving socks equates to a foot fetish, certainly not if they are about one’s own feet. To me, a foot fetish is having a sexual attraction to other people’s feet. That’s what I actually meant, sorry if it didn’t get across.

    Ramirez was known to hire streetprostitutes and then having intercourse with their feet. Also, groupies send him pictures of their own feet, as far as I know on his own request.


  6. Maal… I can see what you’re saying about Bundy’s feet not being his fetish. HOWEVER, I think that a fetish involves an arousal in regard to feet. Now Bundy was clearly enjoying looking at his own feet. I think it aroused him. That’s how I feel about his “fetish.”

    I wasn’t aware that Ramirez could afford prostitutes or that he was into feet. Where did you find this information? I’d love to learn more. 🙂


  7. “Bundy loved the fact that he “possessed” so many clean white socks that he was proud when his possessions were read out in court & his socks were mentioned during the proceedings.”
    That nearly killed me! 🤣 I don’t mean to laugh but never have I heard of a criminal be so extensively proud and outwardly ecstatic of something as simple as socks. He really was “one of a kind” in the world of serial killers.


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