Photos of Bundy’s Younger Years

Young with bike
With his bike, still dressed as a cowboy
With mom
Blond with his mom, Louise Cowell Bundy
Snowman 1950
1950 with a snowman
Decorate tree 1953
Decorating the Christmas tree circa 1953
Xmas cowboy
Christmas cowboy
Family pic
Bundy with 3 of his siblings & his mother
With stepdad, Johnny
With his stepdad, Johnny Bundy
Yearbook pic
high school
High school yearbook picture
In class
In class
College age circa 1968
With friend
Drying dishes with a cute friend
Short hair young
Circa 1972

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  1. Thanks for your informational and entertaining website, and sharing the photos! There is an abundance of evil in the world, but studying the evil and remembering the victims we don’t become evil.


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