Bundy Interviewed by James Dobson about Pornography

If you haven't seen this video, it was filmed a day before Bundy was put to death. Our boy Teddy blames his burgeoning serial killing spree on viewing porn as a pre-teen. Watch as Bundy subtly admits his guilt & kind of scoffs when Dobson asks him when his porn addiction went from fantasy to... Continue Reading →

Why Did Ted Bundy Kill?

"I just liked to kill. I wanted to kill." ~Ted BundyPeople love asking me why I think Ted Bundy was a serial killer.   There are many ways to interpret this question, but here are my thoughts.  Based on Bundy's troubled relationship with his mother (he thought she was his sister for many years), his childhood living with his... Continue Reading →

Ted Bundy: Rape Crisis Volunteer

Yes, you read that title correctly. Ted Bundy worked in a crisis center hotline in the '70's, helping young women talk through difficult situations. Bundy later wrote a rape prevention pamphlet and he was an assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission. It's easy to see that Bundy found a way to be... Continue Reading →


*As I have noted, this blog is being written to explore the nature and psychology of one of America’s most violent and brutal serial killers. I welcome any and all responses that want to debate or discuss this aspect of Bundy’s nature. I intend to pay tribute to and honor the memories of all of his victims. Please join me in honest debate and discussion and please no hate speech toward the victims. Thanks, Em.

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