Photo Gallery

Court sweater

Stephanie & Bundy 1973
College girlfriend, Diane.
Bundy with fiancée, Liz

Artistic side of Bundy

The many faces of Theodore Robert Bundy



FBI Wanted Poster

Laughing during an interview
Gyno Bundy
Bundy the gynocologist (yes, this is a joke photo!)
Happy Holidays Bundy
Santa Bundy
Mouth picture
Photo of his horrible teeth
Forced to give a dental impression
Bite mark evidence
Bite mark evidence presented in court
Reviewing bite mark evidence in court

Letter with peace ted at end

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  1. ”Photo of his horrible teeth”? Omg I’d bludgeon a girl on Lake Sammamish and leave her to rot at Taylor Mountain for those dentals.
    You know Em, mine are what you’d call horrible.


  2. Hello, I’ve just found your blog and I think it’s great, very interesting. But could you please tell me what it says in that letter? I can’t read it.


    1. The letter says, “The Browns are doing very well. I guess that makes you happy. The Seahawks have ???. Quarterback troubles and the schedule ?? for in the NFL. That’s football. I hope life is good for you. Peace, Ted”


      1. The Browns are doing very well. I guess that makes you happy. The Seahawks have folded. Quarterback troubles and the toughest schedule by far in the NFL. That’s football. I hope life is good for you. Peace, ted.

        (I read Serial Killer)


  3. Wait, what? Who is the letter to? He has such a serial killer face. This is why I think men should be forced to smile more rather than women. 😛 Take some of that control away that they so lust after, and make it easier to notice when they’re dangerous. As it is, our culture idolizes men with hideous, cold-looking faces.


  4. I do find him attractive in some photos, but rather plain looking in others. The black and white photos of him in the prison library are stunning and his eyes are hypnotic. However, in any photo where he is looking directly into the camera, his eyes look cold and empty. In particular, the photo where he is baring his teeth is hideous!


  5. TED BUNDY not only should have been given the death penalty, but he should have been tortured before for months by the families of all the victims. I am reading a book right now written by two men who interviewed him the last months before he was put to death. They got more out of him on his mental state and the animal he was then any other people who ever spoke to him. There is a section in this book that is heartbreaking beyond what one’s mind can take in and cope with. It was the day he took the two girls in Washington State from Lake Samamish. The first girl he took and brought her to the a wooded area and tied her up and left her there. He went back to the lake and got the second girl to come with him, and unfortunately she also fell for his insane ruse and went with him. He brought her back to his lair and had them both now tied up. It is what he did to both girls in front of them both for hours on end, complete horrendous sexual insane torture. When speaking to these to journalists, he called it “an aberration” himself. It must have been really horrific. He never went into complete details. These two young women went through literal hell before they were killed by this insane monster! He was known to bite his victims during his sexual attacks and there is nothing funny about his rotten teeth and what he did with them. He was a monster and women have night mares of anything like this ever happening to them, and yet Monster Bundy really existed! It was to bad we as a society could not kill him over and over again for each life he took!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Suzan! The story about Bundy taking both Janice Ott and Denise Naslund from Lake Sammamish and assaulting one in front of the other has been questioned a great deal since Ted told it. In fact, Bundy recanted this confession when he spoke with FBI agent, Bill Hagmaier. However, the 2002 movie “Bundy” had a scene regaling this very story about the two women being terrorized in the same abandoned building. It’s a mystery as to whether it actually happened since Bundy lied so much. I suppose it shall be a question left to the ages. Thanks again for your comment!


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