Stories of Survival included in “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast”

It’s not often that a book like “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast” comes together to fuse the stories of so many disparate experiences in the saga of one of the worst crime sprees in American history. When considering writing the book, it was abundantly clear to my co-author, Fabien Richard, and I that many of those voices involved in the tale had never been heard. We wanted to showcase the varied experiences and points of view that had heretofore been missing, and we wanted to present a completely new way to understand the history of serial killer, Ted Bundy. 

E.J. Hammon with her book

Going into this project, Fabien and I wanted to understand how journalists, attorneys, friends, and police felt about Ted’s cruel actions. Their words are often lost in the chaos that accompanies the media’s portrayal of his crimes. What we were surprised to find was that the people interviewed for our book were interested in sharing their stories. It’s common to believe that those affected by violence don’t want to relive the pain and agony of it. However, many people responded to our requests and some noted that telling their accounts helped them heal. We also included analysis from others who lived alongside the Bundy saga as it developed, hoping their truths would provide an accurate portrayal of American society during the 1970s. We are immensely grateful for everyone who contributed to our book.

Though the mystery of why Ted Bundy became a violent killer remains, it’s not for the lack of myriad attempts to solve it because, despite a strong family who loved him and a relatively stable childhood, it seemed inevitable that Ted would destroy the lives of many people during his lifetime. Fabien and I hope you enjoy what we discovered in our quest to provide a deeper understanding of the effect that Ted Bundy’s actions had on the people around him.

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