Update on book, “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast”

My co-author, Fabien Richard, has just released a statement on our upcoming book:

“I’m very proud to announce the release of “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast” in December (2022) that I had the pleasure of co-writing with my partner EJ Hammon.

Edited in the colors of Grim Reality Publishing, we will have the pleasure of being distributed on the international Amazon platform, in order to be available throughout the world, both in the language of Moliere and Shakespeare.

This is the first time for me and my partner to have one of our works published in two languages at the same time. Thanks to Grim Reality Publishing the whole world will be able to discover this compilation of testimonies, interviews and sometimes unseen photos that will make you uncover all the mysteries of the serial killer Ted Bundy, the “student killer” will have no more secrets for you!”

I must admit that I am getting excited about seeing our work in print. To share the stories, artwork, and photos we obtained in relation to the Bundy case has been our sincere wish and with this exciting venture looming on the horizon, Fabien and I are humbled by the measure of support and well-wishes we have received! Thanks to everyone who has reached out for updates and whose excitement for this book is as palpable as our own. You are truly appreciated.

For more information on the book and our other ventures, follow us on Facebook at:

Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast.


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