Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast


Ted Bundy’s Victims Get a Chance to Speak in Upcoming Book, “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast”

Read the words and see the pictures that various people involved in the Ted Bundy saga have provided to never forget their time in his presence.

United States and France, Summer 2021

“I was dealing with somebody who had escaped twice and was brighter than most people. I had to consider how I would keep him contained.” Former Leon County Florida Sheriff Ken Katsaris.

The story of Ted Bundy has been told so many times that he almost seems legendary. Bundy is seen as something of a media sensation, a fun-loving scamp, and his crimes are brushed under the carpet. This book is an attempt to show the effects of Bundy’s violence and how he changed law enforcement and, most importantly, the women whose lives he shattered. We want to empower our readers to see the strength evinced by his surviving victims, to learn how law enforcement changed their techniques to ensure he never killed again, and to see the impact his case made in the courtroom.

“This book is a fresh take on the oft-repeated story of one of the most infamous serial killers in the history of the United States. We look forward to presenting new information and previously unseen photographs of the individuals involved in the life and crimes of Ted Bundy.” – E.J. Hammon

E.J. Hammon is a North Carolina author, long fascinated with serial crime and the psychology behind it. With over a decade of experience writing her “Confessions of a Bundyphile” blog, E.J. has a unique perspective into the mind of brutal serial killer, Ted Bundy. Her work on Bundy has been featured on Crime Viral, Bizarrepedia, the True Crime Guy website, and Season 3 of the hit podcast, Criminology. E.J. finds the lives of serial lust killers enthralling, often surrounding herself with interesting people and disturbing conversations. She shares her love of all things Bundy with co-author Fabien Richard in writing and editing the forthcoming book to dispel the various myths of America’s most famous sequential murderer.

After training as a dancer and then as an actor, Fabien Richard gradually began to take an interest in writing through poetry, poems, and songs. His passion for literature and North American culture led him to discover the personality of Ted Bundy and the study of serial killers. The world of Bundy, the illegitimate child, and the murderous madness that would lead this young law student to become the most mediatized serial killer of all time, both fascinated and hypnotized Richard. He was compelled to write about Bundy in Richard’s first publication, “Lady Killer.” Now he combines his knowledge with that of E.J. Hammon to produce a second fantastic tome full of new information and other Bundy-related material.

Authors and Ted Bundy subject matter experts, E.J. Hammon and Fabien Richard, are excited to offer a new take on the story of serial killer Ted Bundy and the people affected by his violent behavior. Their book, “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast” will include never-before seen pictures and narratives describing our subjects’ time in the presence of the well-groomed psychopath who completely changed their lives. The photographs shared by our subjects remind them of their role in the Bundy saga. But the authors will also choose many photographs that are significant to the history of Theodore Robert Bundy. It will include more than 200 pages of testimonies and unpublished photos that will make up the incredible adventure of “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast”!

We are including survivors of Ted Bundy, specialists in criminal psychology, FBI experts, former police officers who assisted in the case, officers of justice who led to the conviction of the so-called “lady killer,” people outside the case who were specialists in the world of police or science, and artists and actors who have dealt with the topic of Ted Bundy. We are offering the most complete testimony in the history of biographies about serial killer Ted Bundy.

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Email: rosedysfunction@mail.com

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Justice, victim or witness, they have all known the madness of Ted Bundy. Discover their truths in “Ted Bundy: Memories of the Beast”!

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