Criminology Podcast Season 3: Teddy B. Edition

When I attended CrimeCon this past May, the last thing I expected was to meet and collaborate with the hosts of the Criminology Podcast. Mike Morford (aka “Morf”) & I met through Twitter prior to the trip, so meeting him in person was a no-brainer. In fact, he was the first familiar face I saw when I arrived. Next to him sat Mike Ferguson (“Ferg”) of True Crime All The Time and True Crime All The Time Unsolved fame. Morf introduced me to Ferg as the host of this blog and a true Bundy fanatic. This lead to a conversation about working on a script for Season 3 of their joint podcast because they wanted to discuss Ted Bundy.

In thoroughly researching Bundy, I drew a great deal of information from this blog, but also from various other books about Bundy’s life. A few include: “Ted and Ann,” “The Only Living Witness,” “The Phantom Prince,” and “The Stranger Beside Me.”

Mike Ferguson (far left), Mike Morford (center), me, and Mike Gibson (right) of True Crime All the Time fame.

Now that you know the story behind the story, click below and dive into the details of a killer who continues to actively live in on in the media.


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