Ted Bundy: The Politician

As the United States comes to the end of yet another sensational presidential election, it’s important to remember that often many members of our political system hide parts of themselves from the public. How many scandals have disgraced someone we thought trust-worthy? We read articles about various well-respected women and men who weren’t at all what they seemed. Ted had a similar affliction. 

One well-known fact about Ted Bundy is that he was a dedicated Republican. He was active in local politics and aspired to political office.  Bundy was a perfect example of a modern Republican. He aspired to wealth, professionalism, happiness, and sought to reap the rewards of being a part of the elite. He was clean cut during an era where many young people were growing long hair and eschewing the status quo. That never appealed to Bundy. He wanted to reap the rewards he felt he deserved and refused to share them with anyone. Ted also dreamed of marrying a beautiful co-ed who would reflect well on his position in whatever career he chose. Conservative women were well-groomed and Ted Bundy found that incredibly attractive.   

Though generally unable to succeed in group activities, Bundy excelled in politics due to his charming, yet aggressive nature. His behavior represented the attitude valued by his peers in the republican party. One reason he chose to study law was that many of his peers in local politics were law students. 

In 1968, he worked at the Seattle office of Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential campaign and attended the Republican National Convention in Miami. In 1972, Bundy worked for Governor Dan Evans’ re-election campaign. He later worked for the chairman of the Washington State Republican party who found Bundy to be “a believer in the system.” By the time his trip to California for the Republican party, Bundy had been molded into a standard Republican party member. He was on the brink of a political career and could have been the next Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz had his penchant for murder not led him astray.


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  1. He went through the net and did not go to Vietnam, it was by personal conviction or perhaps cowardice and egoïsm ?What do you think?
    I wonder about it…


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