My Favorite Books About Bundy

I was recently asked which books about Ted Bundy I recommend to my readers. Here are my top two:

The Only Living Witness by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth: This book showcased a great deal of Bundy’s interviews with Michaud and discussed his crimes (albeit in the 3rd person). You will be chilled with some of the revelations he gave and by how bold his actions were.


Ted and Ann by Rebecca Morris: This book was outstanding. It expounds beyond the initial premise that Bundy may have killed 8 year old Ann Marie Burr, and discusses a lot about his childhood. The author interviewed a number of Bundy’s relatives and one tidbit related to Bundy’s Boy Scout leader was very revealing. TedandAnn

I realize that these books are just a small array of those written about the media-loving psychopath, but they’re a good place to start. Should you care to share your own favorites, please reply to this post!




4 thoughts on “My Favorite Books About Bundy

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  1. My favourite is probably Robert Keppel’s ‘Riverman’ book. I enjoyed his disgust and loathing for his subject (at one point he calls Bundy “the little zit”) and admired how he played along with the manipulation, lies and tears to keep him talking… it must have taken a lot of self-control at times.


    1. Yes, The Riverman was a good read. I love how his interviewers have no respect for him & treat him only as good as necessary. I too feel they had nerves of steel.


  2. No offense. I thought Ted and Ann was poorly written and sourced. A lot of vague assertions and conjecture masquerading as analysis. That said, I’ve never read a Bundy book that I didn’t find something in.

    Do you have a bone to pick with Sullivan? No mention of his work anywhere except by an interviewee.


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