Why Do Some Women Love Serial Killers?

Teddy was certainly jumping for joy upon receipt of his fan mail.
Teddy was certainly jumping for joy upon receipt of his fan mail.

While the rest of the world cringes in horror at the crimes committed by violent men, there are a select few women who are riveted by their stories. Ted Bundy had his share of fans and even married and produced a child with one of them. Both of the Menendez boys are married and even Richard Ramirez found a wife in Doreen Lioy. In fact, this author had limited online contact with Doreen whom she found to be smart, funny, and humble.

What causes certain women to become intimate with a notorious murderer who would surely kill her if he weren’t in prison? I believe it has to do with belief that the killer isn’t a bad person innately. The woman thinks if only she could get to him, to show him the world isn’t a bad place, that he certainly couldn’t continue to commit crimes. I feel that some women, including Erik Menendez’s wife, Tammi, who came out of an abusive marriage, are looking for a relationship with someone who can’t physically abuse them. In states where no conjugal visitation is allowed, the women can have a perfectly platonic relationship full of longing and lust without physical intimacy. Others probably enjoy being associated with someone who’s famous.

It’s not too hard to understand why certain killers become the focus of adoring fans. Often times, the media portrays dangerous men as justified in their actions. By giving violent criminals the spotlight and trying to justify their deeds, they appeal to those who seek to cure them, when in fact, the only thing that cures them is death.

Post-mortem in 1989.
Post-mortem in 1989.

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  1. What was even more strange was the number of women who professed love for Jeffrey Dahmer even though he was gay.

    I think women who love serial killers are in many ways similar to men who suffer from the “Knight in Shining Armor” syndrome and who think that their loving the “unloveable” will somehow cause the “love” to be reciprocated.


    1. Craig, you make a good point. I remember women saying they thought Dahmer was cute & my response was always to cringe. Who cares if he’s good-looking? He murders & eats people!


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