Bundy’s First Escape From Custody


Bundy’s first escape happened in Aspen, Colorado on July 7, 1977.  He was supposed to be doing research for his trial in the murder of Caryn Campbell, when he jumped from the 2nd story law library and high-tailed it out of the area on a sprained ankle.  He was able to steal a car, but it didn’t take him far before breaking down.  He got lost and wandered the area before locating a cabin nearby and breaking in.  He spent the night and stole food, clothes, and a hunting knife before heading back out the next day. 

Three days later, after continuously wandering in the area, he broke into a trailer and stole a ski parka and more food.  Keep in mind that he was doing all of this with a sprained ankle.  This is a guy that definitely didn’t want to be in custody!

On July 13th, he wandered back toward Aspen and stole a car.  He was discovered in this car by police and re-arrested.  After 6 days on the run, he was in pain and exhausted.  Though it wouldn’t stop him from attempting escape again, this attempt was hardly a success.

Sometimes when killers are caught, I hear people telling me that they want to be caught.  Very few of them turn themselves in and I believe they want the killing to end, but I doubt they want to be caught.  Some of them want the notariety that goes along with a successful and long killing spree.  Others have accomplished what they set out to do (a la Edmund Kemper who killed his mother at the end of his spree).  Those killers are few and far between.

Bundy didn’t want to be caught.  He wanted to kill over and over and constantly try to satisfy his hunger for murder and necrophilia.  As you’ll see in my next post, Ted escaped from prison a 2nd time and this time, women weren’t so lucky.

Stay tuned…


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