Bundy Quote Analyzed

One of 2 VW Bugs Bundy owned
One of 2 VW Bugs Bundy owned

You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details. It’s like changing a tire. The first time you’re careful. By the thirtieth time, you can’t remember where you left the lug wrench.

I find it interesting that Bundy could so easily compare the killing of a human being to the changing of a tire.  That in & of itself is telling.  In his defense, he probably didn’t have a very good point of reference for his cruelty.  Sociopaths don’t tend to relate to others any more than they would a tire or another object.  In Bundy’s mind, the killing of another human being would have meant nothing more than if we perhaps destroyed an old toy or punched a punching bag. 

The quote also serves to understand the dynamics of killing.  One probably would start out extremely careful and later become smug and possibly sloppy.  Bundy was a narcissist who felt he could outsmart the police.  He even defended himself in his first murder trial in Florida, much to his detriment.  He was in the wrong place many times in his later years of killing and was identified by witnesses.  He was eventually caught (after escaping from a Colorado prison!) for attempting to elude police in Florida.  So much for outsmarting the police!

Another interesting interpretation is that Bundy knocked out his young victims with a tire iron.  It’s interesting that this comment references changing a tire.  No doubt changing a tire was the farthest thing from Bundy’s mind when he was on the prowl.  I don’t doubt he had to do it on more than one occasion when he was traveling alone, trolling for victims. 

How automatic can serial murder become over time?  It must have seemed really exciting in the beginning, but after 30+ kills, things may have gotten rather stale.  What a shame he is no longer around because now we can only wonder if Bundy would ever have tired (ha!) of murder.


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  1. Um… aside from the title of your blog, the worst thing I’ve read in here so far is the last line of this post. I know you must not be serious (well, I can only hope, I guess), but that sentence sounds so demented and frightening. Like, okay, it’s a shame that he was caught because now we can only wonder whether he’d have continued brutally murdering people until he died of old age… what a SHAME.



  2. It’s a shame you interpreted my blog & this post as something demented. If you had read the “about” part of my blog, you would know this blog is not here to glorify the crimes of a deviant. When I wrote “ha!” regarding whether Bundy would have stopped killing, it was meant to be sarcastic. Bundy would never have stopped.


  3. Regarding getting sloppy, I would tend to agree with John Douglas who was instrumental in setting up the FBI’s “Investigative Support Unit”, which had previously been known as the “BS Unit”, (Behavioral Science Unit). His theory is that serial killers don’t get sloppy, they get better at what they do refining their technique as they go along.

    For a time, I was really into sport fishing and when I wasn’t fishing, I would spend much of my time thinking about how to improve my technique to catch more and bigger fish. Not just because I wanted to catch more and bigger fish but more so, thinking about how to do it better was as good of a replacement for actually doing it that exists.

    While most serial killers do get caught for the oddest reasons, a car recognized that had been ticketed for parking next to a fire hydrant for example, they don’t often get caught for making simple mistakes.


    1. I’ve read every single book that Douglas ever wrote or had a hand in writing including the Crime Classification Manual, and he has never indicated that it was impossible for a subject to get “sloppy”. However you are right in stating that killers with Bundy’s level of criminal sophistication tend to get better at avoiding detection. You have to consider how arrogant Bundy was. He trolled a State park on July 14th 1974, approached at least half a dozen women, giving his real name, and abducted two within four hours! His method of disposal also changed with these two victims, indicating a brashness that wasn’t as calculated as with his previous seven (six confirmed) victims.There is a possible third victim found in this vicinity that went missing on the 10th of the previous month, suggesting some familiarity and planning, but the use of his own name would ultimately be his undoing when tying him from his apprehension in Utah, to his crimes in Washington, and the handcuff key he dropped in the parking lot in Bountiful UT.


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